Grow Up With Me
Eighteen && above
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Stories untold,
Secrets reveal,
The truth of me shown !!
Where there is no imperfection !!

I thought our story have ended but it was wrong. You, the person who has many secrets is making me crazy. Am i the only one who do not know of your story? 
After much crying and suffering from the pain of a broken heart, i receive news that you too were in bad condition. I was wondering why you too are in a bad condition but your friend told me, "He thought he doesn’t deserve a girl like you who is too good for him. He was scared of hurting you because he was scared he would become the guy he was in the past."
Why did you cause me to fall back to your arms when i was about to runaway? Why did you have to think in such a cruel way? Why didn’t you know that true love should be fought? Why did you let me go so easily when you too couldn’t bare to let me go? 
Right now, you’re begging me to come back to you. However, i am wishing that everything i am going through is just a dream. I grow too scared of getting hurt by you again even if you already promise that you wouldn’t hurt me again.
I’m sorry but i can never be with you again. My heart did waver but as soon as you bid farewell, my heart turns into stone. You don’t know how much i shed tears and the scar you left deep in my heart. I swore to myself that i will never fall in love again. Love is too painful and it is because of you who make love feel so painful. It is because of you, i was hurt so much. The hurt in the heart is much more painful than hurt when i got into a car accident. 
Like what we promise when we bid farewell. "Let never see each other again and even if we see each other again, we will become stranger." I will keep that promise get lost from your sight forever.
When you were in pre-school && elementary school, you have lots of big dreams that you want to achieve.

Then you enter high school, college and university. You reaction become, what the heck is dreams?! There is no such thing as dreams!! Right now i need to study hard and get a good and secure future.

Finally you enter working life or in another term adult life. Higher rank equals to higher pay !! Working your ass off to achieve higher pay in order to support your family and yourself with a comfortable life. Since your pay determines your standard of living… Who give a fcuk to dreams and future, those are just piece of trash!?!?!

When you reach your retirement age, you start to be reminded of your dreams and you began to feel regret. Having to realize that all this while you have been working your ass of to chase a comfortable doing something you dislike… And you also start to imagine if you have chase your dreams then you wont regret and will have a blissful life. But it too late!!

Yes everyone, this is reality! Some people are able to enjoy their luxury as they have achieve their dreams but what about the others?? The others who don’t have the luxury to achieve their dreams. Due to other reasons and circumstances, they have no choice to let go of their dreams. It is not because they don’t want to chase their dreams but they can’t. People say if there is a will then there a way but in reality if they keep dreaming the family will suffer and also themselves… Not wanting to let other people carry their burden they let go of their dreams. Life is never fair that point is always true. Even the injustice become justice. Even the wrong is right. This is the world, the society and the reality. They gave up on their dreams and i too gave up on my dreams.

So don’t be depressed that you are unable to achieve your dreams because god knows what is best for you! He won’t let you do something you bad at. Anyways, there’s no one that is good at everything and there’s no one that is good at nothing….
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